Web Design & Development

Web design and web development are the backbones of MODD/Group. We started our advertising agency business in 2010 with web design and web development services. Thus, website services are the field in which we are most experienced and have the most references. In 10 years, our team helped launch almost 1000 websites and is considered among the best and fastest teams in Turkey in terms of web development and software. MODD/Group, offering design and software solutions in line with the needs of brands, continues to offer services with its 13 people developer team.


How to Develop a Website?

Our team with hundreds of website references follows a “checklist” procedure designed for all website processes. Here is the website to-do list of MODD/Group:

  • After the job is received, a brand brief meeting is held between the client and our design and development departments.
  • In line with the brief, we create the sitemap, share it with the client, and obtain approval.
  • Competitor websites are examined.
  • All documents are requested and supplied by the client.
  • The design language is created.
  • The development department decides on the coding language of the website in line with the needs of the client and after the approval of the client, in-depth information about the software is shared.
  • The web design team obtains the approval of the design.
  • The development team combines the design with coding and shares the first trial launch of the website with the client.
  • After the first approval, the website is launched after the revisions, if any.
  • Basic SEO practices are implemented.
  • Google Analytics account is set up.
  • Site speeds are checked.

And the website is delivered.

  • The client is provided with training on the website admin dashboard and technical support is provided for updates.
  • We offer 1-year of free technical support for all websites.


What Do We Pay Attention to Effective Web Design?


A simple menu must provide an easy user experience for visitors. The headings on the menu and menu language are part of the corporate identity integrity of your brand.

For example, in menus, which you prefer alternatives such as Who Are We or About Us instead of Why Us, you can create a menu language on your website depending on the communicative language of your brand.

Color, Video, and Image Usage

While designing your website, we take your corporate identity integrity as a basis. We benefit from the support of videos and visuals in the product description. While doing all these, as an agency, we pay attention to using your own images of the brand as much as possible.

Social Media Integration

We share the social media accounts of your brand on your website with widgets, links, or icons. In this way, we direct the visitors to your website to your social media accounts.


Mobile Compatibility (Responsive Design)

With the increasing use of smartphones, today, the majority of website traffic is generated on mobile devices. If we need to give an example from our website, today, 50% of MODD/Group website traffic is provided by mobile devices. Also, Google pays great importance to mobile website compatibility in organic search ranking.


While the website is promoting its brand, it must push its visitors to search, leave leads or purchase the product or service. For this reason, we let your consumers get information or buy products quickly with some special fields we place on your website.

Your website will increase your sales with fields such as WhatsApp integration, mail forms, and quick buy (no membership required).


Content Is Very Important for Your Website

If a brand will feed the agency with good quality content and documentation, it can launch a successful and well-targeted website. Websites rich in content are liked more by the visitors and Google will let your website organically rank higher on search results in relevant keywords. Frequently asked questions, product descriptions, informative pages, and even a blog page are tools that gain the trust of visitors. Only in this case, a website can achieve its purpose and meet your brand with the consumer in the right way and let them communicate.

Being up to date is also quite important for website reliability. If visitors will find news published 2-3 years ago, they will perceive your brand as irrelevant, and it creates a poor brand profile perception.


You need to manage your website on your own and get technical support from us whenever you need us.

As MODD/Group, we integrate the admin dashboard to all websites we deliver. In this way, you can update your website whenever you want and have better control over it. You can easily learn the use of the admin dashboard with 30-minute training and receive technical support from our team in any means when you experience any kind of problems while updating your website.

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