Slogan Design

Slogan Design

Although creating a slogan, also referred to as a motto, may seem easy, it required good research, planning and strategy. You cannot change the slogan you decide for your brand all the time. Slogan lets consumers understand you with 2 or 3 words when your brand name is insufficient to do the work. Thus, slogan design should be simple yet effective.

When we check the dictionary meaning of the slogan:

  • Short and catchy phrase, motto that expresses an idea in a repeatable way to easily remember
  • Statement of phrase that defines the objectives and means of identity, community, organization, or institution

Why Does Slogan Matter?

Today, since we have everything in abundant numbers, brands need to be understandable among hundreds of options. If the motto will be about something that the brand believes in, it will be easier for the motto to establish a bond between itself and consumers. Good slogans can be used in our daily lives too. For example, housewives talking about getting dirty can easily remember the Turkish brand OMO, which has “Kirlenmek guzeldir” (It’s okay to get dirty). This is why brands with good slogans always start the competition one step ahead of their competitors.


What Do We Do for a Great Slogan?

  • We carry out all competitor analyses to make them original and avoid the words used by competitors.
  • Persistency is one of our most important criteria. The slogan of the brand must be used for years. We develop our strategy accordingly.
  • If possible, we try to produce solutions with single-word phrases to make them memorable.
  • If possible, we keep it short (5 words at most)
  • We search for assertive words
  • It is important to make it realistic. Although we are ambitious, we work on slogans that the brand fulfills.
  • It should be turned into a campaign.
  • We write the message clearly and understandable.
  • We pay attention to avoiding sarcastic, condescending, and negative messages.
  • We create alternatives that identify with the brand.
  • We pay attention to rhymes.
  • We work on alternative solutions to avoid ambiguity.

We Tell What We Tell in 3 Seconds

Slogans are messages that do not perceive the consumer as a target but appeal to their deep desires. Your slogan must come to your rescue when your logo can’t tell anything. Thus, as MODD/Group, we adopt a strategic perspective while creating slogans. If you had one hour to talk about what you do, you can talk for a long time and convey your message without needing for choose words. However, if they would give you only three seconds, your job to tell what you do gets really challenging.


Professional Copywriting

Everyone knows how powerful the words are. While some people have a challenging time bringing the letters in the alphabet together, some can receive a Nobel prize with the same letters. At this point, MODD/Group produces strategies that will put your brand ahead of the competition by producing slogans that your brand can use for years in line with the above-mentioned principles and with its experienced team, which understands the communication language very well.

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