Digital Strategy Development

Today, brands that don’t understand the importance of digital strategy development can barely survive. Traditional, i.e., old marketing methods cannot attract the attention of the consumers. Consumers are not even there anymore. Thus, it’s not a surprise that the digital era, which its rise was unstoppable in the last decade, has deeply affected the advertising sector.

We are working in a profession in which we must be early adopters of recent technologies and innovations. Brands are no longer unfamiliar with anything because as individuals we all use social media and other digital platforms. Digital strategy development is a roadmap developed to gain new customers on next-generation online platforms. Developing a strategy requires serious time and is a collaborative effort in which you need to work closely with your clients.

A powerful and well-thought digital marketing campaign will provide you with brand awareness that will continue for years. What matters here is the idea must be open to interaction and attract the attention of the consumers.

MODD/Group served some of the largest brands in Turkey with large budgets in the digital marketing field with more than 10 years of advertising experience. Digital marketing is a concept that is much more different than just managing social media accounts and channels. It organizes and represents all the digital assets of a brand.


Budgets Allocated for Digital World Passed $100 Billion

The budget allocated to the digital world by brands around the world, especially the USA and UK, passed $100 billion. As we previously mentioned, brands do not prefer the traditional methods anymore.

Companies in the UK and USA spend 25% of their budgets on digital marketing activities.

What Do We Do?

  • We do accurate and matched targeting to design the campaign at optimum levels
  • We evaluate the conversion returns
  • We develop strategies according to their possibility of long-term use
  • We determine the digital standing of all competitors and develop strategies accordingly
  • We prepare reports on campaign performances and brand development by creating daily and weekly action plans.

After this point, your digital strategy is combined with the advertising campaign design to start the process.
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Work with Professionals

It is very important to work with a professional team while developing your digital marketing strategy. Here, many important criteria such as how you target your campaigns, and which platforms will be used more than others, are important decisions for your brand. In these stages, letting a professional team, which will position your brand and analyze your target audience very well, develop your strategy will let you start the competition one step ahead of your competitors.

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