Concept & Idea Design

Concept & Idea Design

No one is not aware of the importance of creative ideas in the universe of advertising agencies. In fact, the concept and idea design stage, which most agencies ignore due to the client and quick delivery requests, is the backbone of the entire business. Although we also encounter these problems as an agency, our priority has always been to ensure that the advertisement works with the right idea and concept while determining the concept.

We Are In Times, Which It Is Quite Challenging to Stand Out in the Competition

For us, the main problem of today’s conditions is abundance. We have plenty of everything we need. If you would like to buy pasta in a supermarket, you will have dozens of brand alternatives to choose from. Keep in mind that the concept and idea are the most important factors that will help you to stand among all these brands. If a brand based on the right idea is combined with a great art direction, you will really enjoy the positive reaction you would like to receive from the market. Ask yourself, why should consumers prefer my brand while there are too many brands on the market?


Finding the Idea & Concept

Creativity is the most important criterion in MODD/Group Advertising Agency. Because of this, we focus on the main idea at the early stages of branding, and we shape the corporate communication according to this idea. We perceive creativity as creating unusual and non-obvious solutions and developing strategies for your brand accordingly.

We produce custom solutions for you with our concept and idea stage, which we cover in the light of the principles such as:

  • Apprehensibility
  • Simplicity
  • Accurate Color Usage
  • Right Slogan
  • Copywriting
  • Sustainability

We Engage in Q&A for Idea and Concept Stage

As MODD/Group, we first get a detailed brief from you to start working on ideas that are unique to your brand. We get to know you in detail with the questions we have prepared to determine the communicative language of your brand and we initiate the brainstorming once we fully understand your objectives.

Standing out among hundreds of brands:

Today, we believe the power of storytelling is largely underestimated. In fact, things that take the longest are usually the ones that are best told. If you can find the right story for your brand and weave your brand around this concept, you also can achieve this.

Principles such as Originality, Flexibility, Detail, Synthesis, and Artistic Value are the core of creativity. We, as MODD/Group, ensure our brands are noticed by evaluating and shaping our brands according to these criteria.


Opening the Black Box in the Mind of the Consumer:

Reaching the target consumer is not challenging at all with today’s digital marketing opportunities. However, what matters is creating worthy efforts that can attract their attention. You need to develop your concept and idea to have a place in the minds of the consumers, who are exposed to more than 4,000 commercial messages on average daily. We empathize with the consumers while doing so and analyze their habits. Keep in mind that you need to find advertising ideas that appeal to their brain to access the way to the hearts of consumers.

As MODD/Group, we analyze the entire world with our think tank to find the best idea and concept for your brand or ad campaign. Remember, creative advertising is much more effective, more memorable, long-lasting, ensures more influence with less cost, appeals to the heart and mind, and spreads by word of mouth.

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