Catalog and Brochure Design

Our specialist team, which is an expert in printed works, offers a quite different service understanding on this topic. We have a very effective and powerful printing service with our MODD/Paper brand within MODD/Group. Each of our team members receives training on printing techniques and advanced printing as a part of the orientation for our creative team. They can help you save cost with the printing processes for many details, which you may not be aware of as a client.

For example, working with a designer with printing press training on the number of signatures or sizes will let your operation be cost-effective and flawless. The number of advertising agencies that have built-in printing services in Turkey is quite low.


What Are Our Advantages?

1. We Create Value with Printing Techniques and Materials

We can create your designs more effectively with paper and material samples collected from all over the world and you can stand out with your printed materials, which are highly important for brand communication. Many agencies can make a difference with graphic design, but you can take your corporate materials one step further with MODD/Group and stand out with material, custom cutting, and various printing techniques.

2. Story Board Preparation

We add meaning, value, and integrity to your catalogs with storyboards. MODD/Group design team shares a storyboard mock-up with you before the printing material process. This mock-up includes the general plan of what you want to tell your consumers and the design process starts after the approval of our clients.

3. Design Approach Preparation

In the design process, we make competitor analyses, examine many designs from all around the world, and share customer and design approach plans. In general, this will be in the form of a 4–6-page layout design sample. After deciding on the design language, the entire design will be finalized.


4. Signed Model Approval

The MODD/Group design team first gets the .pdf approval once all work is done and then gets signed model approval from the client with the sample model produced in the printing house. In this way, all possible typographical errors are prevented.

5. Printing Preparation, Printing, and Post-Printing Follow-up

Regardless of the printing house choice, the pre-printing process for our clients is coordinated with all printing companies and the product will be delivered to the printing house in full. After these processes, the delivery processes are followed-up by our team.

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