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According to us, good design is a clever solution to a problem. To reach there you must be open-minded and open hearted. Unite the past, present and future and be inspired from the world around you. Design is about humans.

Always. That's why it has to be culturally connected. We are not machines. You have to see design through the lens of humanity.

Emotional branding

For good reasons there are a lot of talk about the environmental pollution around the world. But there is another pollution going on as well, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.It’s the mental pollution caused by the never ending advertising battle on TV and radio, in magazines and on the streets.

We are bombarded with unwanted commercial messages by marketers wherever we go. It is not strangethat we don’t believe in the branded messages any longer.

They irritate us and we don’t experience them as credible.Instead we listen to our friends. They will tell us the truth about their personal brand experiences.

The kind of stuff we will never see in an ad or commercial.A lot of people have turned almost anti-brand. It will be a great challenge for companies to find new methods to converse, involve and interact with the consumers and offer them to experience the brand according to their own wishes. In the future building a relationship with your consumers and offer them relevant brand experiences will be paramount. It will be about engaging and understanding the consumers needs and develop product and services according to it. To create passion and desire and improve their lives.

moddworks manifest
A new world order.

For a couple of decades it has been unfashionable to talk about products and services. According to the marketers advertising has been the big solution to everything. Advertising has been the king. But it is no more. We have a new world order where online communities like YouTube, Instagram and etc. will be in command as the new message carrier. We have now influencers.

They rule the world and change the way we look at the brands. That’s why, we are a new generation agency that connect brands with the new age and designing a better process for future brands.