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To “Create Difference” is certainly the keyword of our globalizing world...

However, in our day, it is equally hard to be different while the speed for spread of information is higher than ever.

At this point, as Modd / works, we position ourselves as a design-focussed boutique advertising agency.

We aim to walk together with brands with which we share the same ideas and excitements, in order to become their solution partners and provide benefits in this long journey. For being able to carry a brand further and ensure better communication with consumers, we put ourselves not in our customers’, but in consumers’ place.

We focus not only the advertisement, but on the product itself.

Design is a very important process that has a very strong effect on society. It can change the way of we think and affect our well being.

Also design is outstanding as a competitive 'weapon' when it comes to visualising a business strategy.

Design is like a bridge between a company and a comsumer which can build a trusworthy and reliable friendship (important in a time when advertising has turned into a questionable effort to build brand recognition).

Even if design is often about bringing function to our everyday life, it's also about creating desire.

Design may, from a company perspective, be defined as '' to visualise a strategy'' Today most companies understand that the products of their competitors have the same technology, price, performance and functions.

To succeed, you have to deliver emotional as well as rational (and tangible) values that differentiates you from your competitors.

A good design;

  • Good design is innovative.
  • Good design makes a product useful.
  • Good design is aesthetic.
  • Good design helps us to understand a product.
  • Good design is unobtrusive.
  • Good design is honest.
  • Good design is durable.
  • Good design is consequent to the last detail.
  • Good design is concerned with the environment.
  • Good design is a little design as possible.

8 Works

- 01 -

Listen : We listen first of all; in order to understand your expectations and provide services that go beyond your imagination.

- 02 -

Plan : Researches are evaluated, brain storms are conducted, duties are distributed in the team and processes and planned.

- 03 -

Search : We start immediately with searching and analyse the industry in details, firstly in the local and then in the global level.

- 04 -

Concept : We decide for the concept that will be processed as the language of design, in line with all values and positioning of the project.

- 05 -

Design : The design process is started based on the researches and the concepts determined.

- 06 -

Implement : Designs are implemented in the required categories.

- 07 -

Test : After all applications, we teat the user scenarios and update the projects.

- 08 -

Final :Now we need a cup of coffee.